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Shofar Matters

My Proud Shofar Sounders

After Recording NPR's Radiolab show "The Walls of Jericho."  Listen here:  https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/96854-walls-jericho

The Shofaron" at the Monmouth County Jewish Heritage Museum

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Cantor Pincus is a shofar specialist, available to give presentations, teach classes and provide individual coaching, either in person, on videoconferences, and even over the phone. 

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The Shofar Matters

The single commandment associated only with Rosh Hashanah is to hear the sound of the shofar.  Note, not to make one, not to sound one, but to hear its sound -- its call to live spiritually, to listen to one's heart, to awaken to a vision of a better life.  Though mentioned in the bible mostly as a signaling instrument for battle, like the bugle, it has come down in history as a part of the ceremony of inaugurating the New Year, a time of reflection and of the promise of renewal.  

Many years ago, Cantor Pincus noted that that there was no one to sound the shofar in the coming year at the temple where he worked.  He snapped into action, arranging with the Religious School principal to visit all the 3-6 grade classes and scout out each talent.  After demonstrating how to make the proper lip buzz, he had the students line up and each take a turn with his horns.  He found four who showed aptitude, and for the next six months, gave a class every Friday evening before the service began. 

One evening, an adult congregant showed up early, just as the class was leaving, and asked what had just taken place.  Cantor Pincus told her and asked her if she would like to join.  She did, and rest is history.  Nine years later, she is still recruiting and leading a strong squad of shofar sounders, That temple is set to have high-quality shofar sounding far in to the future. That's leadership: seeing the need, assessing and recruiting resources, and providing thorough training.  That's leadership, that's  Cantor Daniel Pincus.  

Since then, he has led classes at the Hebrew Union College, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and elsewhere.  Notably, in his classes, he introduces the traditional texts about the proper shofar sounding procedures, ensuring that the new generation of guardians of this sacred tradition are grounded in the sacred literature.